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Eyeballs Made Easy – Progress Post #4

Ironically, creating ‘Eyeballs made Easy’ is not that ‘easy’ – there are several moving parts, including (1) video recordings, (2) face-to-face teaching, (3) the ‘Red Eye Room’ discussion forum, (4) a Virtual Reality ophthalmology experience, and (5) research and evaluation. … Continue Reading →

Eyeballs Made Easy – Progress Post #3

After some time off over Christmas and New Year’s, the ‘Eyeballs made Easy’ (EME) team is back on task.  Our team has grown, with the addition of three clinical lecturers – Dr Ravinder Phagura, Dr Irene Tan and Dr Erandi… Continue Reading →

Eyeballs Made Easy – Progress Post #2

A Few weeks ago, the EME team (Hess and Sanjay) were fortunate enough to attend a Carpe Diem Workshop at the Centre for Education Futures (CEF) at UWA.  With the help of Sev Lee, Chloe Czerwiec, Melissa Cianfrini and Astrid… Continue Reading →

Eyeballs Made Easy

Hi everyone! This project called ‘Eyeballs Made Easy’ is being run by Dr. Hessom Razavi along with some of his junior colleagues including me, Sanjay! Dr. Hessom Razavi is an ophthalmologist working at Lion’s Eye Institute and I will be an… Continue Reading →

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